Sunday, 1 September 2013

****M.A.S.K. War Room - #assembleMASK #Hasbro*****

Ok, lets keep the momentum going in the M.A.S.K. War Room - a Campaign to bring back M.A.S.K.

I made a post on Facebook the other day and so far it has had more than 1.8k views and growing.  But I need this Campaign to go Viral!

To view this Facebook post so that you can Share, Comment and like, the link to it is as follows -

I'd like to think that if you are as big a fan of M.A.S.K. as I am you would be willing to show your support in bringing this fantastic Franchise back.

I also need to you Hashtag each and every post with #assembleMASK and #Hasbro.

Currently, if you Google Search #assembleMASK, you will be directed to my blog.  If you are on Facebook and click on the hashtag you will see all relevant posts in one easy to find area.

I have written a script based on M.A.S.K. and I'm keen to make #Hasbro aware of it so that it might be read and considered for any plans they may have to make a movie.  However, we are all aware that the Trademarks for M.A.S.K. were all cancelled circa 1992 and cannot be reused for their original use.

I have come up with ideas that I believe will work to allow M.A.S.K. to be reborn.  You may ask, surely if there were away of doing this then the Hasbro legal team would be all over this?  Do I think I'm smarter than them?


What I know is, I'm a creative person - hence my ability to write a script - and this creativity is what has helped me to come up with these ideas.

I need #Hasbro to sit up and take notice so that we can #assembleMASK

So, can you please tweet, share, comment, +1, etc., etc. etc....

Anything you need to do to help bring back M.A.S.K. - I promise you that my script is well worth it!

Thank you,


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