Thursday, 5 September 2013

M.A.S.K. War Room Update 2k views and Counting!

After my post last night there has been more interest in my Facebook Post and it has now reached 2K views, thank you,

But we still have work to do if we are going to make this Campaign to Bring back M.A.S.K. successful! 

As well as views, my Facebook Page has seen an increase in the number of likes over the past week - now at 197 - but if I've had over 2k pageviews, there is no reason why I can't reach 2k Page Likes and 2k Shares of the Campaign post to raise awareness!

So far, there have only been 54 shares and most of them were by me!  So please Share the post and get the Campaign going!

And remember, it's not just the toys, comics and cartoons I'm looking to bring back, I have a script ready to go once #Hasbro are able to read it -

So, if you would like to see this and the rest of my script on the big screen remember to Share, Share, Share the Facebook Campaign and Like My Facebook Page.

The bigger the Campaign the more likely #Hasbro will hear about it and remember lets #assembleMASK!

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